Gordon M. Goes
Chief Engineer / CEO / CTO

Picture of Gordon M. Goes

Gordon brings with him over 25 years of experience working with companies such as GTE Internetworking (Worldwide), Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN), Lotus Development Corp. and IBM. His extensive experience, passion for his work, solid technical and business skills, logical and creative thinking, keen sense of future trends and desire to stay current in the field, drives 2 Goes Incorporated to be a superior solution provider for it's clients.

As the organization's technical lead, Gordon's extensive experience, accomplishments and knowledge have propelled 2 Goes Incorporated, continuously to the edge of technology. His career has included positions at highly respected organizations which have shaped the technologies of today. These include QA and Development on the Lotus Notes Team; Network Architect Team at Lotus; System Administrator, Programmer & Architect at BBN; Architect & Development Manager at GTE Internetworking; CIO at Green Mountain Defense Industries & Green Mountain Risk Management; and as CEO / CTO of his own companies since leaving Lotus / IBM in 1994. This diverse experience coupled with a true passion for technology is what makes 2 Goes Incorporated a first class technology solution provider.

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